The Durian Seller’s Confessions Are Shame because of the Viral Says Similar to Ferdy Sambo


A durian seller in Demak, Central Java, Rozikin, is said to be virally similar to Ferdy Sambo, the former Head of the National Police Propam Division who is now the suspect in the murder of Brigadier Joshua. Not only in cyberspace, Rozikin is often called Sambo by neighbors and people he doesn’t know.

Rozikin admitted that he was embarrassed when he was asked about the assumption that he was similar to Ferdy Sambo. He felt that his face did not resemble Sambo.

“After it went viral, I was embarrassed. I was the most important thing in selling, it was done. The passerby also called Sambo Sambo,” said Rozikin when met by detikJateng in front of the Demak Bintoro Market, Friday (16/9/2022).

He sells durian using a pickup across from the Bintoro market or the direction of Jalan Raya Demak-Kudus. Many passersby greeted him ‘Sambo’.

Even so, Rozikin admitted that after he went viral, he was called Ferdy Sambo, his merchandise was selling well. Many of the buyers who deliberately came out of curiosity about his figure.

Rozikin said that at first he did not know who Sambo was because he rarely watched television. He didn’t follow the news about the Ferdy Sambo case.

“Previously I didn’t know (who was Ferdy Sambo). Because I rarely watch TV, my cellphone is only for communication with traders,” said the man in his 30s from Welahan District, Jepara.

“The people who (made) the video are Pekalongan people. I don’t know if the photos were edited or juxtaposed,” added Rozikin.

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One of the buyers from Tempuran-Demak, Setiyono, admitted that he only bought durian at Rozikin’s stall after learning about the video that went viral on social media.

“(Buy here) Because it’s viral again, Mas, it’s viral like Sambo. (Tofu) from Facebook,” said Setiyono, one of the buyers from Tempuran-Demak.

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