The Dutch calls for the annulment of the court of 20 years


The Netherlands asks the court to abolish the 20 years, we send you our visitors New news today through our network of knights and we start with the news of the most important,

A retired Dutchman has filed a lawsuit demanding that he change his age so that he can improve his chances of going out with women.

Emil Rattelband, 69, wants to change her date of birth from March 11, 1949 to March 11, 1969, suspected of changing the identity of those who convert.

"You can change your name and your gender, so why not let them change your age," Ratelband told the Dutch newspaper Die Telegraph.

A local court in the city of Arnhem, southeast of Amsterdam, should decide the case within four weeks.

But officials have made a reservation on the merits of the case, because there is no legal mechanism to allow a person to change his date of birth.

Rattelband says she feels discriminated against because of her age, noting that this affects her chances of getting a new job and her success rate in dating women through Tinder's application.

"When I'm 69, my chances are limited, but if I'm forty-nine, I can buy a new house and drive a different car, and I'll have more jobs," he said.

"When I use the Tinder application and say I'm 69, I have no answer, but when I'm forty-nine, and given the features of my face that make me feel younger, I'll be in good shape," he said.

Ratelband said that the doctors told him that his health was for a forty-five year old who called himself the "god of youth".

Ratelband said he would give up his pension if he changed his date of birth.

The Dutch Constitution prohibits age discrimination.

Rattelband works as a trainer in NLP and performed the vocal performance of Vladimir Tronkov in the Dutch version of the film "Cars To", produced by Pixar.

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source: BBC BBC Arabic


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