The early bird can tell me: After only two days: Bushido throws out

Berlin –

One had guessed that Bushido (40) could not last. The rapper who wanted to wake up every morning from the radio at the 98.8 Kiss-FM station in Berlin. He cast moderator work. It does not matter: Bushido whistles to get up early.

It is said that the first bird captures the worm. Not with Bushido, whose dream has always been to do a radio show. At Kiss-FM he had the chance, he was there a week ago, Monday, for the first time from 6 to 10 clock of the morning show to listen to. Even the next day the rappers succeeded. Then Bushido sagged.

Bushido: "I'm out"

Firstly, a sinus infection threw him out of the race. You can still understand it. But Bushido could have continued after the recovery. But then he sent the warning last Friday from the hospital bed by the transmitter. "At this point I would like to inform you unfortunately – I'm out," he said with a voice message.

No hope that Bushido will change his mind. On Monday, the morning presenters of Kiss FM Nina and Big Joe were on the microphone without him. Bushido's colleagues said "fat respect", "you go to the station so early every morning".

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He made it clear that getting up early, airing at six o'clock, holding on for four hours, attending an editorial conference at 10 o'clock – it's not his cup of tea. "I'm ready to tune in, record songs", Nachtmensch admits Bushido.

Kiss-FM: disappointment, but also understanding

Despite the disappointment, the director of the Kiss-FM program York Strempel also shows understanding for the rapper:

"I understand that such a precocious moment does not fit with his lifestyle like a five-time father, head of the label and musician, it's a pity!"

This text appeared for the first time at the "Berliner Kurier".



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