The Earth Is Not Alright, Oxygen Levels Are Decreasing

RIAU24.COM – Climate change automatically changes the fabric of our environment. Not only did the temperature drop drastically, striking changes also occurred on the earth.

Earth what we live in is not doing well. Oxygen levels on planet earth are slowly decreasing.

Then what about the next life, if our earth is experiencing an oxygen crisis?

Adapting from, once upon a time in ancient times, Earth was called a barren planet. Without oxygen and methane, the forms of earthly life before oxygen appeared would be very different.

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About 2.3 billion years ago, a violent oxidation event caused the appearance of oxygen in Earth’s atmosphere.

However, scientists have predicted that oxygen will drop to dangerous points on Earth eventually, returning the planet to its pre-oxygenation state, with high levels of methane.

Oxygen doesn’t disappear anytime soon, whenever it does, it will be a fast process.

The study claims, similar to climate change (which seems slow but is actually accelerating now) oxygen will also dissipate rather quickly.

Now humans can still breathe freely. This process is scheduled to begin billions of years from now. It is very likely that other factors would have wiped humans off the face of the earth before the oxygen shortage.

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In general, according to them, no habitable planet has forever atmospheric oxygen. It finally disappeared.

The research, published in Nature Geoscience, claims that deoxygenation of Earth’s atmosphere would bring O2 levels to levels during the Archaean period. This will be followed by the loss of surface water on the planet.

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The oceans are expected to disappear two billion years from now due to radiation from the Sun. Life would have died long before this happened, all because of a drop in oxygen levels.


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