The East Java PSSI Appeal Committee Gives Penalties Relieves for Persibo

PSSIATIM – The Appeal Committee for the Asprov PSSI East Java accepted the appeal filed by Persibo CEO Bojonegoro Abdulloh Umar for the case of using unauthorized players in the round of 32 of the PSSI East Java PSSI 3 MS Glow for Men.

In the trial which was held on Sunday, December 5, 2021 at the PSSI East Java Asprov Secretariat Office, it was attended by Anthony LJ Ratag as chairman, Dr. Nuryanto A Daim as vice chairman, and three members consisting of M. Yusron Marzuki, R. Bobby Wijanarko, and Arifan Wibisono.

As a result of the trial, the Appeals Committee upheld the decision of the PSSI East Java Asprov Disciplinary Commission Number: 03/Komdis/PSSI-JaKlub/XII/2021, dated December 3, 2021, that Persibo was guilty of the case of using illegal players.

For this reason, Komding decided that Persibo Bojonegoro must pay a fine of Rp. 20 million. The amount of this fine is lighter than the decision of the East Java PSSI Asprov Komdis which imposed a fine of Rp. 50 million to Persibo Bojonegoro.

In addition to punishment in the form of a fine, the East Java PSSI Komding also stated that Persibo Bojonegoro was guilty of this case of using illegal players.

The actions of these two players are qualified as invalid players because they use identities that are not in accordance with those registered with PSSI East Java and are not in line with DSP, as referred to in Article 56 number 1 of the PSSI Disciplinary Code.

As is known, Persibo Bojonegoro was previously found guilty after two of its players, Ichlasul Amal Zardan Aroby and Muhammad Amar Fadzillah, made a mistake because their jerseys were swapped in the second half.

Ichlasul, who should have worn a shirt with the back number 16, used Fadzillah’s number 26.

From Abdulloh’s explanation, the incident of the jersey being swapped happened accidentally because both of them took off their shirts while in the dressing room.

The wrong costume incident occurred in the second half of the match between Persibo Bojonegoro against Mitra Surabaya on December 2, 2021 at the Gelora Joko Samudro Gresik Stadium.

Regarding the wrong costume, the East Java PSSI appeal committee confirmed the decision of the East Java PSSI Komdis that Persibo had lost 0-3 to Mitra Surabaya.


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