The Eater of Worlds will arrive in Fortnite on December 1

We were all amazed before the spectacular Fortnite event that ended with the world of the popular Battle Royale absorbed by a black hole that caused the creation of a new island, the current Fortnite map; However, such an amount of energy served to alert what is probably the greatest threat that has ever loomed over Fortnite, Galactus.

After its long journey, it seems that the fearsome Eater of Worlds is about to arrive in Fortnite, therefore we must prepare for what will be the final battle that will take place during the unique event War in the Nexus, event in which we can participate on December 1 at 22:00.

Do not miss the spectacular War event in the Fortnite Nexus

There are many rumors currently circulating on the network about what will happen during the next War on the Nexus event, but the majority of followers of the popular Epic title agree that the appearance of Galactus will mean the end of the current Fortnite map just like it happened during your last event.

However, at the moment all this is nothing more than theories, so the only thing we can do to find out exactly what will happen is to be present during the next War in the Nexus event that will take place on December 1 at 10:00 p.m. . To make sure we don’t miss out on what promises to be the biggest event in the history of this hit game, from Epic Games urge us to make sure we have the 14.60 update downloaded and that let’s enter the game at least one hour in advance to make sure we can participate in this spectacular event.

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