The economic bill of the process grows: the judge adds another 3.5 million for the damages from Tsunami Democratic

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The economic bill of the process that the independentistas want to be erased with the amnesty negotiated with the PSOE. Judge Manuel García-Castellón In its latest order on Tsunami Democratic, it adds an additional 3.5 million for outrages committed on public property in the name of independence.

This amount is added to the up to 5.3 million that the Court of Accounts is prosecuting as of the 17th for the illegal 1-O referendum and the foreign promotion of the process

According to García-Castellón’s order, “Not only was damage caused to people, but also significant economic damage was caused.” that the instruction must specify whether they are objectively attributable to those responsible for the organization.

It points out that, only in “the blockade action at the Barcelona Airport: The Vueling company was the most affected, quantifying the economic damages caused on October 14, 2019 in 978.000€with a total of 169 flights cancelled.

Besides, “Aena’s Airport Security Division [empresa de mayoría estatal]quantified the damage caused to the airport infrastructure by the mobilization and occupation of Tsunami Democratic at €1,217,595. These two assessments compute an economic loss of €2,195,595.

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