The economically uneducated Nedvěd may have been involved in Juventus’s fraud

Pavel Nedvěd rejects financial machinations and signing dubious contracts at Juventus Turin. The former Czech football representative, who has held the position of vice-president of “Bianconeri” for six years, is facing an investigation into a recent raid on the headquarters of the Italian club.

The Italian financial police are currently accounting for Juventus. Nedvěd is on the Serie A participant’s team when all reinforcements arrive and confirms the transfers with his signature. And it is precisely for the transfers over the past three years that he, together with the club’s boss Andre Agnelli and four other managers, is in search of the police.

According to the authorities, the club had to manipulate the value of the players in order to improve its capital and team as well as the value of the shares on the stock exchange. For example, last year’s exchange with Barcelona “Juve” won midfielder Arthur Mel and the Catalans again won Miralem Pjanic, both came for 30 million euros, but in the exchange Juventus was supposed to double the price according to both players and the club’s fictitious capital increased as a result. According to the police, the club has done it repeatedly.

The Italian media speculates that Juventus deliberately pushed Nedvěd as a man without an economic education into transfer machinations. It is his signature that appears under the manipulated invoices. He and other defendants face imprisonment and Juventus relegation to the second league due to irregularities in accounting, the portal said.

The holder of the 2003 Golden Ball denies the charges. “We have some problems, but every year,” Nedvěd told “Sometimes you are upstairs and then something goes wrong, other times you are in crisis again and then something positive comes along. I have been in Juventus’ office for 11 years and have faced various problems during that time. But we have always solved them all, “explained the former captain of the Czech national football team.

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