Discontent with the Colombian economy and politics, the possible labor reform, among others, were the causes that would indicate a possible return of riots to the country, according The Economist.

The murder of lawyer Javier Ordóñez increased the discomfort of Colombians that could intensify in the coming quarters even if the Government has issued a formal apology for the event presented.

Given this, Judge 29 of Guarantees of Bogotá ordered to send to jail of Facatativá for members of the public force to the patrolmen Harby Damián Rodríguez and Juan Camilo Lloreda as allegedly responsible for the murder of Javier Ordóñez.

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However, the demonstrations that were presented in the last days do not equal those that were presented in November 2019 where unemployment, politics, economics, various social problems, among others, were some of the causes for thousands of Colombians to take to the streets.

In addition, the media pointed out that President Iván Duque could reorganize the response to what the protesters acclaim and thus better handle the demonstrations that so far seem not to end.

To The Economist this situation threatens governance and political formulas, as the elections for 2022 are looming.

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“Despite the fact that the government currently has majorities in both houses of Congress through new alliances, the parties that recently aligned with Duque will grow apart gradually from the government line, “says The Economist.

The recession generated by the coronavirus pandemic, unemployment, rural and urban violence would generate “A deep political polarization in the months before the 2022 elections.”

Today, The Economist Intelligence Unit believes that a centrist candidate will be in the best position to capitalize on a poor Duque administration. However, an increasingly intense socio-political environment will fuel political extremes.


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