The Edge team wants to change the way we work with links

It seems that the change of engine to Edge has done him wonderfully. The team is making great strides and is much more dynamic. Now they want change the way we copy links and paste them into emails, applications or web pages. The feature is officially called “Friendly URLs” And it will arrive in a new Microsoft Edge update later this month.

The friendliest URLs thanks to Edge

Microsoft says that The feature will allow us to copy URLs from the address bar and paste it as plain text. For example, if you copy the URL from Outlook web, you can paste the URL as a naked URL (including HTTP and .com) or in plain text ‘Outlook’.

Plain text is a new option that will automatically convert urls into a readable format. You can use the new function with the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Mayús+V Or you can also right-click anywhere in the text box to access the new paste options, as shown in the screenshot below.

The default selection mode for Microsoft Edge URLs can be configured and changed through the browser settings panel.

With this new feature, Microsoft Edge aims to do away with those long, ugly URLs you want to email to your colleague or friends. The feature is especially useful for shopping sites that have super long URLs with a ton of letters, tracking code, and numbers.

As we mentioned earlier, Microsoft is planning to release this feature later this month. and they believe the new copy and paste experience could make a difference during the shopping season.

Furthermore, Microsoft has finally started to implement the new ‘Web Capture’ or full screen tool for everyone. This will allow you to take screenshots of web pages and directly annotate screenshots within the browser.

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