The EFF accepts the results of the elections despite the alleged irregularities


In a statement, the IEC stated that the Statistician-General's report revealed what it calls negligible double voting risks.

Member of FEP Dali Mpofu at the Tshela Thupa rally at the Orlando stadium. Image: Kayleen Morgan / EWN

JOHANNESBURG – The national president of Dali Mpofu, president of the FdF (Economic Freedom Fighters), declared that the party accepts the outcome of the general elections despite an investigation into the alleged electoral fraud that identified potential irregularities.

The probe was conducted using data from 1,020 polling stations and the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) after double voting declarations and concerns that indelible ink washing could allow people to launch more cards than once.

At least 20 people were arrested, most of them for allegedly trying to vote at more than one station.

BRJS% 20NPE% 202019.pdf "> In a statement, the IEC stated that the Statistical-General report revealed what it calls negligible double voting risks.

Speaking to the Karima Brown Show On Thursday evening, Mpofu invited the commission to accept the results and move forward.

"The smaller parties, for example, for them a difference of a couple of votes could make the difference of having a place and not having seats.

"So it's a relative thing. I think that until we see the concrete number, it's difficult to comment. Our attitude was that we accept, despite all the irregularities, the results."

At the same time, general statistician Risenga Maluleke said he could not confirm whether there was actually double voting.

"When we got to 95%, which is still very high, we didn't find any potential about it. And when we went to point 90, we found 13 voting districts that would have a potential for irregularity, but it doesn't necessarily mean that we they would have been irregularities ".

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