The effect of pollution is behind up to 5% of cancers in Europe

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Up to 5% of cancer cases currently recorded in the EU “can be attributed to the effect of pollution”, he told this medium. Jean-Yves Blaydirector of Public Health Policies of the European Society of Medical Oncology (ESMO), a scientific organization that is holding its annual congress in Madrid until Tuesday the 24th.

Logically, “the most related tumors are those of lungothers located in the airwayas well as that of mama“-cancer for which ESMO has published new data in this sense-, says Blay, although it is not ruled out that in other tumorssuch as bladder or kidney, among others, some type of association could be established”.

A recent EU report, which analyzes the circumstances of cancer in all member countries and also compares them with each of the countries and with the average, indicates that by 2030 three million new cancer diagnoses in the EU and in Spain, 11%from themthe Spaniard pointed out to this medium Andres Cervantespresident of ESMO.

But in addition, “330,000 Spanish citizens will be diagnosed with cancer in 2023, which means that a significant effort must be made and be prepared for this other ‘pandemic’“.

At the opening of the ESMO congress, in which the record number of 31,000 people registered – no other ESMO congress had exceeded 29,000 – special emphasis was placed on the effects of the pollution on the risk of developing cancer.

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