The Egyptian criminal investigation laboratory checks the amount of narcotic pills seized by an unemployed Abu Al - Nemrs

The latest urgent news in Egypt where workers at the chemical laboratory in Giza examine the amount of drugs seized by the unemployed Abu Al-Nmrs, to write a full report and delivered to the Attorney General to complete the investigations.

The prosecution in the south of Giza asked the security services to investigate the incident to determine the circumstances and circumstances, and ordered that they be held for four days in custody after the investigation conducted after being been accused of drug trafficking.

The first was during the follow-up officers of the security investigation of the Abu Al-Nimers security area of ​​the archaeological area, they managed to control the "Tarek" is unemployed, with possession of 28 tablets of drugs.

The accused admitted possession of drugs pills to trade and promote them to his clients, and issued an incident report, and informed Major General Dr. Mustafa Shehata Assistant to the Minister of the Interior, Chief of Security of Giza, and began the investigation of the accusation.

This article contains the contents of the Egyptian news agency The criminal laboratory examines the amount of narcotic pills seized by an unemployed person in Abu Al-Nemrs. It has been transferred from the Egyptian search engine 24 and transferred as it is from the source (7th day), and does not reflect the vision of the site or the liberation policy, on the original publisher is the seventh day.


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