The electric tractor from Tesla will use an unprecedented charging speed. It will be a drone

To introduce the long-awaited Semi model, Tesla had to figure out how to charge its first electric tractor. The answer is now Due to the high performance and demanding requirements that will be placed on the truck, it is not possible for charging to take several hours. The solution seems to be a new type of charging station that can deliver a range of 400 miles (644 km) to truck batteries in just 30 minutes. The charging power could be around 1 MW and the charging stations will be marked Megacharger. The first such charging point has already been created at Gigafactory Nevada, where several stands designed for charging Tesla Semi can be seen.

For the time being, the charging station will be used mainly for testing the charging of Semi tractors, which will move along the route between Fremont and Gigafactory Nevada. In addition, over time, Tesla should introduce its own charging standard for electric trucks and tractors. And while charging Tesla Semi is almost settled, the actual delivery of vehicles to customers has been postponed until the beginning of next year. The final version of the tractor will offer even higher battery capacity and their new type is at stake.

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