The electronic cigarette would also impact the eyes

According to a new American study, vaping would cause harmful effects on the eyes. In question, several products present in the flavors and solvents of electronic cigarettes.

The composition of the liquid contained in an electronic cigarette is far from trivial. “These devices contain carcinogenic chemicals, air pollutants and heavy metals”, note American researchers in la revue International Journal of Ophthalmology. “The purpose of this article is to shed light on the known effects of vaping on the ocular environment,” continue the study authors.

To carry out the research, the specialists collected their information from more than one million people between 2016 and 2018. The participants had to communicate about their visual impairments and the frequency of use of the electronic cigarette.

Results? Two chemical components can disrupt the tear film that protects the part of the eye in contact with the outside. Additionally, the lipid layer, which protects tears from evaporation, can be damaged by vaping flavors. The researchers note that nicotine can interfere with light-adapted retinal vision.

“Vaping-related explosions, while unpredictable, can also lead to decreased visual acuity, as well as long-term eye trauma,” the study concludes.

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