The embarrassment of the candidate for chancellor: Laschet did not guard the ballot

At the same time, electoral regulations require voters to strictly observe electoral secrecy when traveling from the ballot to the ballot box. Voters should have their tickets folded so that it is not clear who they voted for. In addition, it is forbidden to take photos behind the plates. Before and after the vote, the Germans may talk openly about who they have chosen, but it is forbidden in the election itself.

Laschet did not guard the ballot, giving both votes to the CDU

Photo: Thilo Schmuelgen, Reuters

The commission in polling stations may not allow a voter to vote for such a mistake.

According to the regulations, the election official of Laschet was to refuse when he marked or folded his ballot paper and the result of his vote was recognizable. According to the election instructions, the CDU leader was to receive a new ballot paper.

George Thiel, chairman of the chairman of the Central Election Commission, commented on the case, according to which Laschet’s vote is valid despite a mistake and his vote will not be disqualified. “If such a ballot reaches the ballot box, it can no longer be removed and is valid,” the central commission added.

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