The emotion of Bautista Vicuña when he spoke for the first time about his sister Blanca: I always write to her that…

“How does it make you feel to be the son of these people who, beyond this tribute, help?” they consulted the young man. And he replied: “It’s crazy. I am very happy, proud of my parents. I have no way to thank you, and I love you very much”.

And I add: “I am very excited about what my dad does, I am very happy for him. It is a topic that we talk about a lot of times, we share a lot of things, and I love it very much.

about his sister Blanca, who died in 2012 as a result of hemorrhagic pneumonia, and the memory he has of her, Bautista commented: “I get emotional, I think about her a lot. We remember her with everything, and he (by your father) he knows”.

“I always write to Blanca that I miss her a lot, how I love her, the memories, I make hearts for them… Everything. Seeing my dad excited hit me very ugly ”, closed the young man, also brother of beltran y Benicio, To flower of skin.

Benjamín Vicuña spoke of the containment of Pampita and her children after Blanca’s death: “I could not falter”

Benjamin Vicuna presented on social networks the emotional cover of Blanca, the girl who wanted to flythe book dedicated to his daughter with pampitadeceased in Chile on September 8, 2012, caused by a bacterium that caused hemorrhagic pneumonia and a stroke.

In this sense, in an interview for Chilean television, the actor remembered that dramatic moment that they went through as a family and the role of support of who was their partner at the time, pampitaand his sons.

“At that moment you are very beaten, your partner is beaten and it is very difficult. How do you support if you are just as devastated as your partner? asked the driver TVN Edgardo Fuentes.

And there Benjamin Vicuna explained: “There were different roles that have to do with intuition and with certain characteristics. Perhaps there are certain things that have to do with cultural patterns or not. In a certain machismo or not. It was what was born to us and I understood the same day that I could not falter ”.

“I became a support for everyone, my children, my wife and even my family. I had to watch the horror in others constantly. But there was a determination that I could not fall, that is why I believe that my process was involutionary”the artist admitted.

And he was honest: “That’s why it happens to me that, perhaps, last year after ten years I was suffering ten thousand times more than before… The wave came late, but at least I’m doing it.”

“In the beginning, with a lot of pain, I had to be ‘the man’, the provider, go out to work, open the curtains. ‘The day is beautiful’. ‘come on, let’s play sports’, ‘let’s not slack off’”, The actor concluded about the strength he had to draw to carry his family forward after that very hard blow.

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