The emotional celebration of medical personnel to a patient who left intensive care

“Bravo, come on Leo!” Accompanied by a cataract of applause in a hallway full of health personnel who celebrate with emotion, you can see the arrival of a man in a wheelchair, being pushed by a doctor or a nurse. The patient enthusiastically celebrates who finally abandons intensive therapy, after several days of struggle, and that tonight he will be able to sleep in a common room after battling a disease that keeps everyone on edge.

The name of the patient who comes out shy and excited is Leonardo, 59, who is hospitalized in the Sanatorium of the Trinity of San Isidro. It was on Monday that he left intensive care after being connected to an artificial respirator, one of the most critical stages of the disease. Today he is in a common room and it took him by surprise to be able to celebrate with everyone who attended him daily and thus feel closer to the final goal: to go home.

Leonardo was in intensive care requiring mechanical respiratory assistance, the main medical element to fight the damage that SARS-CoV-2 produces in the lungs of the most critically ill patients. However, the outlook changed for the better and today is closer to being discharged.

Neither the chinstraps could hide the smiles of everyone present, nor the relief and emotion of Leonardo for the warm reception of the doctors when he was transferred to a common room while he greeted and gestured with thanks with his hands.

One of the factors that imply greater emotional load around the disease is the isolation of the patient from loved ones to avoid contagion, without being able to receive visits and contact only by cell phone.

The applause, a synonym of gratitude in times of pandemic

Just as to celebrate Leonardo’s recovery, every night at 9:00 p.m., a coordinated applause of thanks to health professionals has been heard from the balconies since the arrival of the coronavirus in Argentina. It is a custom that began in Italy, a country heavily hit by the pandemic.

In this way, thousands of Argentines come out onto their balconies, terraces and windows to applaud and thus recognize the effort and work of health professionals in the framework of the fight against the coronavirus COVID-19.

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