The end of an era has definitely been decided

While Samsung made a corresponding statement in 2021, which the model only discards for this year and left a back door open, it is now likely to come as expected for the Galaxy Note. The model range is definitely history like the well-informed South Korean website ETNews reported. There will probably be no more Galaxy models in the future either.

No Galaxy Note 22: Foldables with a pen are intended to replace the series of devices

There it is written that especially foldables with pen support should replace the Galaxy Note. That sounds plausible there Samsung the support for the S-Pen had only expanded to other devices this year. Without really going into the future of the Galaxy Note, the company said that they wanted to expand S-Pen support to other devices. Above all, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 got all the features of the Note model and even the Galaxy S series can handle the S-Pen in the form of the Ultra series.

This now also suggests that there will probably no longer be a Galaxy Note 22, as reported by ETNews. The size of the Galaxy S22 Ultra has long since grown to the Note level, only a pen slot is missing. If Samsung this could still be sufficient in future models, however, remains questionable. Support for the S-Pen will probably only remain a secondary feature in the future.

The Galaxy Note 20 is the last model in the series for the time being. (Image: Samsung)

Even if there won’t be a Galaxy Note or Note 22 for the time being, this does not necessarily mean that there might not be a new model in a few years. Perhaps in the form of a fan edition or something similar, manufacturers like to revive popular devices. For the time being, we will probably not see a new Galaxy Note. This means that the series is history for the time being.

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Those: ETNews

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