The end of iTunes is no alternative

Tim Cook

The Apple CEO must win Microsoft and Android customers to offer its services on Roku TVs or Samsung Flat TVs.

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Apple has now officially buried its oldest software. The bloated iTunes will be three sleek apps for Mac computers for music, TV and podcasts. Probably the biggest break for the American technology company since the introduction of the iPhone.

iTunes has shaped a generation of music buyers and whole industries. The music platform owes its origins to a catastrophe called Napster, which in the early 2000s swept across the record industry like a tornado. It was not until 2002 that Napster was legally defeated, but even more elusive copies like Limewire or Torrent took over the legacy.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs rattled off the music companies and made them his idea of ​​a music player with a secure online shop tasty. The musically powerful had no choice in the end. With iTunes, Apple became the king of online music, then the king of smartphones.

Today Apple is fighting against a new generation of apps. iTunes, epitome of the closed Apple ecosystem, competes with agile apps that pull circles around the old battleship like speedboats. Netflix dominates the video streaming, pursuers are Hulu or Roku. Spotify or Pandora dominate the music streaming, Fotoapps there are like sand and sea, even podcast apps. They are all highly specialized. All-purpose weapon iTunes is no longer there.

But Tim Cook has to get back to the top here. But he has to win Microsoft and Android customers to offer his services on Roku TVs or Samsung Flat TVs. Selective, not with the old Apple credo "all or nothing". He has already started on the smartphones.

Cook has a role model for this: Even Microsoft had and has opened his Windows world. It has paid off for Microsoft. Tim Cook has now set out to prove to Apple that this strategy works.

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