The end of the diesel and petrol announced in 2026 at VW – Echo


The German VW group is holding a "strategic" meeting today. He announced the stop of production of combustion engine vehicles for 2026.

It was known that the German automobile giant was actively preparing for the electric breakthrough. VW has recently declared that it will dream of becoming the first electric vehicle in the world by 2025. The brand has also announced an increase in investment of 44 billion euros over the next five years for the development of autonomous vehicles and digitization.

Today, move on to the next step: the pure and simple stop production of petrol and diesel vehicles.

A new generation of combustion engine models will come out of Wolfsburg's plants, but this will be the last before a radical change to electric motors, says Michael Jost, responsible for the brand's strategy. He added that by 2050, no more cars with combustion engines it will not circulate on our roads. "We want to achieve the goals of the Paris climate agreement". For VW, the latest non-electric cars should be sold by 2040; models appeared on the market in the 30s. "Our colleagues are currently working on the latest vehicles that will be zero CO2 emissions".

Of course, adds Michael Jost, petrol and diesel vehicles could still roll again after 2050, but the infrastructure will become totally inadequate.

"We have a clear responsibility here, we made mistakes," he says, referring to the 2014 CO2 scandal.


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