The end of the House of Cards told by its actors


Kevin Spacey's departure, film footage, director Robin Wright, mirror of America … The newcomers of the sixth season of the political series, Diane Lane and Greg Kinnear, and Michael Kelly, evoke the news. The last eight episodes arrive on Friday on Netflix.

Diane Lane

Oscar candidate for unfaithful, the 53-year-old actress chases half of Shepherd's duo. A brother and sister at the head of a military-industrial conglomerate. Used to pull the strings in the shade, they intend to impose their priorities on the new White House tenant Claire Underwood (Robin Wright), who they know since childhood.

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David Giesbrecht / Netflix

His character: "Annette and Bill Shepherd present a new dynamic and open a door to Claire's past: between Annette and her brother there are many injuries and misunderstandings that go back to childhood, but their solidarity is infallible." With Annette, Claire found an opponent to his height, they fight on equal terms.

Overcoming the Kevin Spacey scandal: "The team remained dignified and upright, even though the time was running out, we could only do eight episodes, not twelve.The news is changing so fast that it is difficult to catch the time during the broadcast. Castle of cards started under the Obama administration. People were still not traumatized at the sight of the White House. Now reality has become surreal. Working alongside Robin Wright, actress and director, was invaluable. It is important to see women on the screen who, having come to responsibilities or to power, do not join men, but other women. Castle of cards has passed the test of Bechdel, these heroines are not the "girlfriends of".

Atmosphere on trays: "Being there for a season, I do not have the courage to bring a souvenir, but the fine shot gift was nice: a robe with a presidential badge Robin Wright also gave us a framed picture of the whole team. I'm looking for you, I'm very small and with curlers in my hair. "

Michael Kelly

David Giesbrecht / Netflix

The 49-year-old actor is a veteran of the series that has accompanied from season 1 by lending his feature films to Doug Stamper, the collaborator and damned soul Frank Underwood. House of cards has accelerated the comedian's career since seen in taboo is The long way home.

His character: "At the start of this season, the one that dominates Doug is that sense of loss and grief, he buried his criminal, his accomplice Frank Underwood, his job was his life, he finds himself lost. Mission: Obtain the presidential pardon that Frank Underwood has asked his wife and rehabilitate his memory, which will be a source of tension with Claire, Doug Stamper will continue to upset the public. "

Say goodbye to House of cards : "I live in New York and we were filming in Baltimore Every time I went around, I was thinking about all these people, actors and technicians, who had become my friends that I would never see again … It took a lot of concentration, including the time I dedicated to learning my text and training my character, I had to work harder, even before Kevin Spacey's departure, we knew this season would be exciting, when Kevin Spacey left the show, Robin Wright, the showrunners Frank Pugliese and Melissa Gibson and I had only one idea: to finish the series, for the fans, for the people we were living in. We had to keep.

The legacy of House of cards : "I have nothing to do with Doug: he never smiles, he does not drink, he kills people, I'm the exact opposite, but I think at the end of each role, we keep ourselves a pack of our characters. I auditioned for Doug, I did some tests for Russo MP and the journalist Tom Hammerschmidt.When my agent contacted me to tell me I was in the role of Stamper, he called me Doug.I did not understand right away.Then I looked out the window and I cried. House of cards it gave me the impression of taking the best drama class on the planet. This series asks us what politics is, reminds us that we must be vigilant. Go through the vote.

Greg Kinnear

David Giesbrecht / Netflix

Seen inside Little Miss Sunshine is For the worse and for the better, the 55-year-old actor is the other face of the Shepherd duo.

On his character: "Our showrunners Frank and Melissa wanted to form a charismatic duo with Diane Lane, Annette and Bill Shepherd are formidable opponents who pull the strings in the shadows, they are neither Democrats nor Republicans.These lone wolves who calculate all the relationships that can to be useful to them, they only want to highlight their priorities.The end justifies all means.Bill is inspired by the Koch brothers and the financier George Soros.But this kind of person wants to be in the shadow and would not accept to respond to the My questions I have seen many comments on Fox News and MNBC on the animal, and there is no greater power than what is formed in the absence.

Robin Wright Director: "She's rock solid, I was lucky to be with her and Diane on the same project, they're great actresses Robin Wright staged the latest episode of House of cards. She never let herself be overwhelmed by nervousness and went out of her way to make this moment fun and entertaining. Despite well documented interruptions, this epilogue is in line with the goals of the previous season, although it will not necessarily be what you expected. My only regret is that I never had the right to address the camera like Claire and Frank! However, I was left in memory of Bill's sweaters. It's not my style, but keep warm! "

The legacy of House of cards : "The world in which we live has placed the level of chaos very high, it was a challenge to keep credible issues.That the series outlines is that the struggle for power is real, that every subject matters and is experienced with a & # 39; tenfold intensity ".

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