The engine averted the end of the season, winning the fourth semifinal 3: 1 – ČT sport – Česká televize

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The South Bohemians had to do without the penalized captain Milan Gulaš, who was given a one-match distance for a foul on David Tomášek from Thursday’s third duel, and another striker, Václav Karabáček, was missing due to injury.

Instead, Tomáš Chlubna and Josef Koláček joined the team. Sparta deployed striker David Kash, who replaced Gennady Stoljarov.

“The boys knew what was in danger of us. We fought because we knew what could happen if we didn’t fight. Today we proved again that the quality in the team is, even though we lacked a captain. We are glad that we have a chance to go to Prague, to fight and represent our club, “said Motor coach Jaroslav Modrý.

The locals started actively and immediately tried to employ Hudáček with shooting attempts. After 130 seconds, Šmerha fouled, but Motor did not use the power play. Abdul’s run ended over the goal.

The engine pushed behind the leading goal to dramatize the development of the series, but Sparta gradually increasingly threatened to break. In the 14th minute, after gaining the puck, Hrachovina’s cannon player Chlapík checked, and Šmerha also fired. But the opening act didn’t offer much of a chance.

At 22:16, the South Bohemians rejoiced at the opening goal. Štencel found a backhand from the right circle on the left Voženílek, who overcame Hudáček with a shot on the nearest pole and hit the second match after returning after a facial injury. The engine defended itself during Štich’s expulsion and Sparta resisted again during Řepík’s stay on the penalty bench.

Sparta responded in the 34th minute, when Dvořáček found a run-through Thorell, who had already surpassed the reliable Hrachovina.

In exactly two minutes, the South Bohemians led again. Štencel sent Abdul to the break, whose first attempt from the right circle was still blocked by Polášek, but the repeated shot was already over for Hudáček. Vondrka had the opportunity to increase his lead, on the other hand, he could not match Thorell.

“The engine was hungrier, it wanted more. It was stronger in personal fights, we didn’t push it at all. They played blood at home, we didn’t. We weren’t strong enough in the pre-goal area, but Budejovice didn’t even allow us today. We didn’t have a lot of chances, “said the Spartan coach Josef Jandač.

The people of Prague pushed for a settlement in the third period. Dvořáček got into a good position in the 47th minute, but Hrachovina hid his shot in the trap. On home, he did not beat Hudáček from the left circle Štencel.

Sparta began to escalate pressure, but the Motor’s defenses resisted, and Abdul was able to strike again. In the 55th minute, Abdul sent Pech to a chance, who pierced the Spartan goalkeeper and sealed the win.

“A wonderful action from the defenders. A beautiful record on Miža (Vondrka), he hit Jindra beautifully. He found me and I was already driven,” said Pech.

“I waved at the little one (son) who has been here with me for three days because my wife was after surgery. He cheers for me, those smiles were on him,” he said at the goal celebration.

The situation did not change even in the final power-play of Sparta. “The engine won deservedly. We lost one match, we are not making it a tragedy. We have to improve completely. If we play our best hockey, I believe we will make the fourth point,” said Jandač, who led the South Bohemia in the past, returned them to the extra league and he played the semifinals with them.

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