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There will be no hockey match in the Budvar arena in the next two weeks. Due to the current situation and the appeal of the Governor of the South Bohemian Region Martin Kuba, the engine decided to postpone all domestic matches. Hockey is one of the most visited events in southern Bohemia. Over four thousand people arrived for the last match of the Motor.

Motor hockey matches are one of the most visited events in southern Bohemia. Under the circumstances, the match is watched by over six thousand spectators, and four and a half thousand fans arrived for Tuesday’s match against Karlovy Vary. Governor of the South Bohemian Region Martin Cuba (ODS) today, due to the deteriorating coronavirus situation, appealed to municipalities to fundamentally reduce public events, Advent market preparations and social events.

The South Bohemian Region called on seniors to significantly reduce their contacts over the next ten days. South Bohemian municipalities have to limit Advent events. According to the region, the state should prepare a legislative framework to limit the holding of events in southern Bohemia. The reason is that …

Based on these decisions, Motor decided to postpone the home match in the Budvar arena for the next 14 days. In the near future, a match against Liberec was to take place at the stadium, which will be postponed from January 3 to January 11. “We feel the seriousness of the situation, as well as realizing that we need fans in the lobby. We believe that during more than two weeks of no matches being played in the Budvar arena, the situation could at least partially calm down, ” said the general manager of the club Stanislav Bednarik.

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Restrictions on other events

The organizers of the České Budějovice Advent also added to the restrictions, and for the following week canceled the live program that was to take place in Přemysl Otakar II Square. held. “With regard to the epidemiological situation, in order to protect the health of visitors and performers and to maintain the safe course of the České Budějovice Advent, there will be a live cultural program for the first week from 26.11. until 2.12.2021 replaced by an audiovisual form of the program with reproduced music blocks, accompanied by a thematic projection on the Advent stage screen, “ the agency said in a press release Art4promotionwhich organizes the markets.

Due to the covid pandemic, Advent programs are also canceling other South Bohemian cities. The Strakonice Museum canceled the markets planned for December 3-5, Český Krumlov canceled the program on the square, but will keep the market. The camp canceled the ceremonial lighting of the tree and the program connected with it. Třeboň canceled several events.


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