The Englishman mocked the death of Maradona. Italian fans are hunting him

English fan Jake Hepple, whose identity is already known, did not succeed in this. He went to Italy’s match against England, played in Naples at the Diego Armando Maradona Stadium, and had his picture taken with a flag that contained an inscription mocking the death of the legendary Argentinian footballer. The Italian fans, for whom Maradona is a god, understandably did not like it and are hunting Hepple on social networks.

Jake Hepple is already a “well-known company” in England. Three years ago, he was banned from the Burnley stadium when he displayed a “White lives matter” flag during a match. However, this did not deter him from going to other stadiums, so on Thursday he went to Naples for the match between Italy and England.

He also brought with him a large English flag, on which he displayed the inscription “Diego’s in a box”. This translates to “Diego is in the box” and in soccer terminology, the word box is also used for a large lime. In doing so, he mocked the death of a legendary football player who died of a heart attack in 2020. Symbolically, he also chose the stadium, which is named after Maradona.

He really messed up the Italian fans supporting Napoli. One of them wrote on social networks about the photo with Hepple’s likeness “10 thousand euros for this living “c**d.” The post immediately went viral and by Friday afternoon already had 1.9 million views. In the comments, he shares information from his social networks and even his last location. It looks like he is serious about his vendetta and the Englishman may be able to fear even for life.

English website Daily Mail contacted an acquaintance of Hepple’s who did not wish to be named. “Jake was excited to go to the England game in Italy but unfortunately he got into trouble again. He’s easily influenced so I think some of the other guys put him up to that flag and he got into trouble because of that, ” he said, adding that Jake’s father was also unhappy with his son’s behavior.

​”After the white lives matter flag, he was hoping to solve his problems. He lost his job and his girlfriend left him. His father is upset because Jake goes from one crisis to another. According to him, he is not very smart and does not think about what he is doing. Dad completely understands the anger of the Napoli fans.” he added.

Napoli advanced to the quarter-finals of the Champions League:

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