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The sensation of a light at the end of a tunnel is common in people who have died. (SEMANA.COM)

British scientists Neil Dagnall and Ken Drinkwater have conducted several studies based on existing theories and hypotheses on the experiences of people who found themselves in a situation very close to death.

Feelings like a bright white light at the end of a long tunnel, able to see or converse with lost family members or beloved pets; they are those who have experienced many people who have been close to death and that, according to what Dagnall and Drinkwater expressed in an article published in The Conversation, science could be able to explain these events despite the supernatural aspect that they have .

In near-death experiences, scientists claim to be "a profound psychological event with mystical elements", explaining that this condition may be due to situations of very strong physical or emotional pain, but it is also possible that they will occur after injury attacks cerebral or traumatic to the brain and even while practicing meditation.

British scientists say in their study that a third of people who have experienced this kind of experience express feelings of satisfaction, psychic detachment of the body, quick transfers through a long and dark tunnel to achieve brilliant light.

On the other hand, the age, the cultural and religious aspect can be decisive in the experiences lived, for example cases like that of the Indians who assure to have met Iama, the Hindu god of death; the case of people of American descent who say they have met Jesus; or the case of children who for the most time claim to have met friends and teachers.

Neuroscientists Olaf Blanke and Sebastian Dieguez, in 2009, propose the existence of two types of experiences close to death, in which one is associated with cases in which the right hemisphere of the brain is affected and causes an altered sensation of time and have the sensation of flying; and the other type is associated with damage in the left hemisphere and is characterized by the sensations of being able to see or communicate with the spirits and hear voices or sounds.

On the other hand, the condition of temporal lobes can also interfere in these experiences, since this area of ​​the brain involves the processing of sensory information and memory; reason why a failure in its operation can produce alterations in sensations and perceptions.

There are many theories that help to define this kind of sensations associated with close encounters with death, yet Dagnall and Drinkwater believe that specifying a reason, a reason for these events, is really difficult as the most important religious explanation (that the life after death) and scientific (which indicates the apparent depersonalization or simple sense of separation from the body).

Another hypothesis concerns the sensation of tunnel as a rebirth of the experience of crossing the birth canal, according to Carl Sagan; while others to the sign that this is due to lack of oxygen in the brain, triggering convulsions and possibly hallucinations.

Given the many existing theories, in recent times the "dying brain" is distinguished, which explains that at the occurrence of cell death appear hallucinations; However, the wide variety of extracorporeal sensations in close encounters with death is not yet fully explained.

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