The environmental organization WWF asks European supermarkets not to sell illegal berries from the Doñana area

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The environmental organization WWF has started an information campaign aimed at supermarkets, the food industry and marketers about “the risk” of marketing strawberries and red fruits of illegal origin from the surrounding area. Doñana.

On the occasion of the celebration this week in Madrid of the fruit and vegetable fair Fruit Attractionthe aforementioned organization will also highlight in the campaign the importance of ensuring that its suppliers comply with the law in the use of water and land, it reported in a statement.

WWF has remembered “the dramatic situation” of Doñana, with a severe drought aggravated by the theft of water in part of the territory that is overexploiting the aquifers and ending the biodiversity of the main European wetland.

The organization will participate in Fruit Attraction in various events, conferences and meetings with representatives of the distribution sector to emphasize the crucial role of supermarkets in guaranteeing the legal use of water and soil in the production of berries. in Doñana, as European consumers demand.

Thus, with the imminent start of the strawberry campaign, WWF wants to “prevent illegal strawberries from reaching European markets” and that is why it is going to ask supermarkets to “ensure that they only offer their consumers strawberries on their shelves.” or red fruits from legal farms and in no case of the properties that could be amnestied if the proposed law being processed in the Andalusian Parliament is approved.”

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