The epidemic of infantile bronchiolitis is gaining ground – LCI – LCI


HEALTH – From November 26 to December 2, the epidemic has spread to all regions (excluding Corsica). The visits to the emergency room for bronchiolitis increased by 31% compared to the previous week.

The epidemic of bronchiolitis in newborns won all departments of metropolitan France in one week except Corsica, the weekly bulletin of Public Health France declared on Wednesday. Of the 4,738 children under 2 years seen in the emergency room for bronchiolitis, 1581 or 33% were hospitalized. In addition, from November 26 to December 2, November 8, children were seen for bronchiolitis by SOS Médecins, 18% more than the previous week.

An "especially serious" epidemic of this year "

AP-HP evokes a "particularly serious" epidemic this year with a peak, reached by the end of last week, higher than in previous years ". However, according to Public Health France, "the severity of the epidemic is not greater than in previous years" and we will know only a posteriori, when it will be in a downward phase, if the epidemic's peak has been reached.

Bronchiolitis is a very common respiratory disease in infants and children under 2 years of age, most often due to the syncytial respiratory virus (RSV) that affects the small bronchi. The child may be embarrassed to breathe, have trouble eating and sleeping, having a fever. In most cases, bronchiolitis spontaneously heals after 5-10 days, but the cough can persist for 2 or 4 weeks.

It is recommended to go to the emergency room if the child is under 6 weeks, if he is a premature baby less than 3 months, if the child drinks less than half of his bottles at 3 consecutive meals, if he vomits systematically, he sleeps permanently or else he cries in an unusual way without being able to fall asleep.



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