The EPP calls for a debate on the amnesty law in the plenary session of the European Parliament next week

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The group of European People’s Party (PPE) in the European Parliament has requested that a debate on the risk to the rule of law in Spain as a consequence of the amnesty law agreed by the PSOE with Junts and ERC to ensure the investiture of the socialist candidate to the Presidency of the Government, Pedro Sánchez.

Los popular want to “make it clear that the rule of law is not negotiable in the European Union and cannot simply be sacrificed to obtain the votes necessary to form a government majority,” according to the conservative party in a statement.

In a joint statement, EPP leader German Manfred Weberand the head of the PP delegation in the European Parliament, Dolors Montserrat, have warned that the provisions of the agreement for the amnesty of those involved in the independence challenge pose a “risk of violating the separation of powers and undermining judicial independence.” .

The agenda for the next plenary session will be closed this Thursday at the meeting of the Conference of Presidents (CoP) that brings together the leaders of all parliamentary groups, but parliamentary sources consulted by Europa Press assume that it will have the necessary support.

Not in vain, both Ciudadanos (in the group of European liberals) and Vox (in that of the Conservatives and Reformists, ECR) have expressed these days their desire for the matter to be taken to the European Parliament, which would facilitate the sufficient support for the debate to be scheduled in plenary from November 20 to 23.

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