"The era of uncontrolled power is over" - so the press judges the mid-term elections

The outcome of the mid-term elections in the United States is the dominant topic in the columns of opinion of the German and international press. But the assessment is different: has Donald Trump now returned to normal or has he really arrived? The press review the following morning:

German press for Midterms 2018

"The world" (Berlin): "This election of Congress leaves America and the world in a state of seething stagnation.The Democrats had secretly hoped that the turnout of voters would give them a majority in the Senate or at least a overwhelming victory in the lower house senators Alone, the landslide has not taken place, but is boiling in the country, whose division is becoming more and more solidified, If someone does not come and says: We must finally go back to the one & # 39. else, we must talk again civilized one with the other. "

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"New Osnabrück newspaper""Trump would not be a triumph if he was discouraged by the limitation of power, but sees the double-faced vote as an incentive to pull out all the stops for the presidential election and in the next two years the president will be in permanent campaign mode Therefore, do not give yourself hope that dealing with "Enfant terrible" in Washington is easier. "

"Stuttgarter Zeitung""The morning after the congressional elections, Donald Trump recovered his smartphone after an unusually long silence and since then he has propagated his version of the story: he won a tremendous triumph despite all the intrigues of the left media Now, if you do sweat, the White House narcissist tweets, obviously it's exaggerated, but it's not entirely wrong either. "

"Saxon newspaper" (Dresden): "Intermediate elections have somewhat displaced the balance of power, but cemented the state of deep political division Trump is not at all forced to radically change the content and style of his policy – with his course "America First", with outside protectionism, xenophobic rhetoric inside, the president continues to know the clientele behind him that paved the way to the White House, Trump will continue as before. "

"Leipziger Volkszeitung": "A series of secular rules has proved impressive: the mid-term elections bring the American president back to normality and force him to the negotiating table, since the night of the election begins a correction of the course, which offers the country the possibility of regaining trust, inside and outside Republican Trump could ask the Senate that the Democrats could only overthrow the House of Representatives: in this distribution of power is not only something normal, but also something good: the reciprocal controls, the " checks and balances ", are among the trademarks of the American Constitution – America is back – in a new state of mind more balanced".

"News of Westphalia" (Münster): "For him (Trump) the presidential election campaign has long begun and will continue to work to put his followers in a permanent mode of fear and anger, and for the Democrats to finally find an opponent, Trump Although there are many young talents for the Party's directives, no light figure is in sight even after the elections, and all of this holds that the United States continues its course of division and turbulence, and that the difficult times continue. "

"Lübeck News""After two tumultuous years in which the White House tried to dominate the two Houses of Parliament, weights were redistributed, and Donald Trump will have to prove if he is master of this art even when, in the struggle for giving and taking However, with two phrases on Twitter, there is not much that can be done, and the democratically dominated House of Representatives will require something from Trump who has never shown and despised: the ability to compromise. "

International press reviews

"Neue Zürcher Zeitung""Especially with President Trump, known for his disdain for current standards, solid congressional congressional oversight is desirable, and while several Republican-dominated congressional committees have examined past and past activities of the Trump government in the last two years. , they are mostly one In the new House of Representatives, the Democrats will take control of all the commissions, which means that they can investigate the agenda, solicit documents and summon witnesses, and in the event of misconduct from the President, the House of Representatives would be a powerful voice – unlike the media often attacked by Trump, he can claim to represent the majority of voters ".

"Tages-Anzeiger" (Zurich): "Democrats want to bring this president to justice – the House of Representatives is likely to be a nuisance to him". There are plans to investigate the governance of Trump and his tax return, which unlike his predecessors did not reveal It can not be ruled out that the president can be summoned under penalty of punishment and questioned about possible conflicts of interest, even in the face to cameras, if special investigator Robert S. Mueller can continue his investigation into Trump's alleged Russian affair. In short, this election result reinforces the controls and balances, the mutual controls of the democratic institutions they have lost since President Trump became the proud Republican turned the party into the obese Trump party. "

"The standard" (Vienna): "In particular, moderate parliamentarians in wealthy colleges have lost, with the winners behind Trump, the Republican Party alone, and today more in tune with the program than with the party of Ronald Reagan and George Bush Sr. the president has realized one with a unique inflammatory and racist electoral campaign: he has deepened the division of the nation: women against men, Americans with university degrees against those, and above all the plain against cities and suburbs: From 150 years ago, the United States they have never been so torn as today, and this polarization adapts to Trump's agenda – it's his political fuel – he does not want to be the president of all Americans, but the famous hero of his Victor base who protects them from evil of the modern world: tolerance, diversity, immigration, globalization – and the elites to whom these sores attribute ".

"The print" (Vienna): "That his Republicans have lost the majority in the House of Representatives – for the President nothing more than collateral damage, which even his predecessors have accepted". That a congressional chamber in the so-called provisional elections will change sides, is not unusual In fact, it could have been much worse for his party, which has become a real party of Trump, but also a total defeat, the loss of a majority in both the Houses of Congress probably would not have given Trump much thought So now he feels only authorized and, in a consolidated way, he has sent Twitter messages that read as a starting signal for the presidential campaign of 2020 ".

"Guardian" (London): "The fact that the Democrats have won the House of Representatives in the mid-term elections and has made further progress is welcome and a great relief, but the vote did not lead to the long-awaited" blue wave "and per se, it was not a turning point Now it depends on what the Democrats – and the President – are doing next … (…) Trump could be in a much worse position in the 2020 elections. We can therefore expect campaigning against the Democratic House of Representatives: there is an adequate enemy image, precisely because they have now closed the era of uncontrolled republican power and are able to foil the agenda of Trump from tax cuts to health care and immigration. "

"Times" (London): "Outside, we have to expect the president to run again and win again in 2020. At the moment, the Democrats do not undoubtedly have a credible presidential candidate, those foreign leaders who he insists. Donald Trump remains a term president should reconsider, too often too inclined to bypass the American president in the hope that things will soon return to the "normality" of Barack Obama. "

"Pravda" (Bratislava): "Where Republican voters prevailed, they were especially those who understood the election exactly as (President Donald) Trump had told them: as a referendum on Trump, so largely overtaken by Republican politicians. Those who sided with success for the elections, which were sided by the president, some of whom conducted their campaign in open racism, lied as Trump and tried by all means to make it impossible for the voters on the other side to vote remains To the Republicans, it is a party of loyalists who defend Trump with heart and soul and will further increase the clash in a politically divided country.If Trump intended such a development, then he was right that he interpreted the election as his victory. "

"De Standaard" (Brussels): "Although Trump has lost his political omnipotence and his government is now under democratic control of the Democrats, these provisional elections confirm that Trump is not a crazy and unique mistake in history". The strong economy, the benevolent stock market and the low unemployment mean well with the president in office, whether or not it is his merit, but American democracy remains more sinister Politics, of lies and aggressiveness, of xenophobic nationalism and racism to barely hidden. "

"de Volkskrant" (Amsterdam): "The blue wave hoped for by the Democrats failed to materialize in the United States, but congressional elections have curbed President Donald Trump's policies, and the next year it will have to deal with Democrats who hold power It is a remedy that Americans can use well after nearly two years of fierce fighting that have divided the country deeper than ever, but it remains to be seen whether the main representatives of the America will swallow this pill ".

"El Mundo" (Madrid): "It is not uncommon for almost all the parties after the election to try to portray the result as their own victory, but in the case of results in the middle of the United States, both Republicans and Democrats can not unfairly enjoy C & # 39, is something like an attraction that makes the rest of Donald Trump's mandate very exciting (…) While these elections reflected the great social polarization in the United States, the first democracy in the world comes out of the polls Again, they will establish the balance of power guaranteed by the famous "checks and balances" and you will see Trump act now that he no longer has all the levers of power in his hand ".

"Vedomosti" (Moscow): "The US mid-term elections are considered a success by the Republicans because they have consolidated their domination in the Senate, as well as by the Democrats who have again won the majority in the House of Representatives The emergence of the Democrats complicates a normalization of relations between Russia and the United States, but at the same time makes an arms race less likely ".

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