The era of work from home is coming to an end, hybrid work is beginning: how to prepare for it?

“The popularity trend of hybrid work shows that people in general will tend to manage their time differently – they will no longer try to fit into the framework of an 8-hour working day. Rather, after working in the office until noon, I will go to the gym or shop in the store, but when I return home, I will turn off the computer at nine o’clock in the evening instead of at five. Not only employers but also employees will have to prepare for the changing reality – they will need to use smart technologies to work productively and safely, ”says Audrius Granickas, Business Development and Operations Manager, Huawei Mobile Services, and shares 5 tips to look out for. , preparing to combine work from home with work in the office.

1. Select the appropriate devices

Hybrid work is special in that those who work in this way have always distributed their workplace in several places, and often change some of them in public spaces. Therefore, for those who want to take on tasks comfortably anywhere and anytime, smart devices are useful – not only telephones and laptops, which are already changing stationary offices, but also wireless headphones, watches or bracelets.

“Productive hybrid work requires more than one smart device, but their entire ecosystem. It allows you to access and manage critical information anytime, anywhere. For example, after a short break from work in the afternoon and running away, you can see not only health indicators on the watch, but also read e-mails. emails and answer calls easily with a wireless headset. When you return home, you can attend a remote meeting using your tablet while your laptop waits in the office. In this way, it is really possible to work successfully without being tied to one workplace or device, ”says A. Granickas.

Users of Huawei devices can all interconnect and conveniently manage them using the 1 + 8 + N ecosystem, which includes phones, computers, watches, headsets, wireless speakers and other products.

“It allows you to see incoming messages and calls on your phone on the clock, answering the latter while running, driving or shopping in a store. Also, connect your phone to your laptop and transfer data from one to another at the touch of a button. As far as possible, all these tendencies will only get stronger, ”says A. Granickas.

2. Have a good and secure internet connection

When working in the office, Internet connection problems rarely occur, but at home or on the road from one place to another, there may be surprises that disrupt the process of remote meetings and slow down the pace of work. So the quality of the internet connection will have to be ensured on a regular basis.

“An additional internet modem can be useful at home so that the connection load can be evenly distributed when the whole family is together. It is recommended that the equipment be rebooted regularly, as failure to do so will result in systemic errors that will subsequently interfere with connection quality. Finally, it is useful to use mobile internet during important long distance calls, if you know that more family members use wireless internet at that time, ”explains A. Granickas.

Problems can arise when using the Internet in public spaces – shopping in shops, being in beauty salons or waiting in queues for cafes. Here, it is recommended to avoid publicly available free Wi-Fi networks, as they can also be used to access user data. So it makes sense to consider a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

“VPNs ensure that your ISP and other third parties don’t see which websites you’re visiting and what data you’re sending online. In addition, all data in such a network is encrypted, so even during a successful attack, the information misappropriated will be useless as it will be turned into an unencrypted patchwork of characters. VPNs are useful for people who have managed to set up home offices during quarantine at home and plan to spend a lot of time in them in the future. A virtual private network will ensure that important work information at home is also managed securely, ”explains A. Granickas.

3. Move information to the cloud

When you move from home to work in the office or vice versa, not only convenient work equipment but also the availability of information becomes important. It will be centrally managed, stored and shared by smart cloud repositories.

“Even if you use cloud storage at work, it’s worth investing in personal storage. By storing information in them, you can securely access your most important personal data – photos, notes, documents – from anywhere, and then easily transfer them to other repositories. In addition, cloud storage has other convenient functionalities. For example, it allows you to edit documents online in real time, view the files you need without downloading them to your device, and back up your files automatically. All this is especially useful to have access to information whenever you want, and not just at home, at work or in the office, ”says A. Granickas.

Cloud storage is also especially important to ensure data security. Even if a device is lost or hacked by hackers, the most important information will remain safe because it is stored inside the device but in online storage.

“Information in the cloud is additionally protected by restricting access only to authenticated persons, by providing different levels of data protection and by specific encryption. Therefore, even during a successful hacker attack, data stolen from the cloud will be worthless, because, as in the case of VPN, it will be turned into a jumble of signs without any logic, ”says A. Granickas.

4. The possibilities will be expanded by smart apps

Smartphones will help connect all devices to a unified and productive ecosystem. But smart apps will help to further expand the functionality of the devices. Their experts recommend taking care of their most important things in advance.

“Before you go back to the office, consider what gadgets you may need in the new reality. Maybe you moved the necessary tools from the office to your home and now they will be out of hand? Or maybe when you travel from work to home, you get the best ideas and want to be comfortable at any time? Consider your needs and download the required apps in advance from the official stores and try them out, if you are already proficient in using them. The AppGallery store has 17 categories of apps, so users will find everything that will be useful in any life situation, ”says A .Granickas.

He adds that it is equally important to update the gadgets in a timely manner – this way you will know that you are using their latest functionalities, and they do not have any security vulnerabilities. It is also advisable to review the saved and delete unused ones at all so that they do not become the target of the hackers and do not take up unnecessary space on the device.

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