The EU is prepared for the war with Hungary: Anger while Orban gives football to the university supported by Soros –


The University of Central Europe has announced that it will be forced out of Hungary in an eviction threatening democracy and freedom of the press. The president of the European Central University Michael Ignatieff said: "Arbitrary eviction of a reputable university is a flagrant violation of academic freedom: the government has committed an injustice to its citizens."

"The hundreds of Hungarians who work and study at the CEU, and the thousands of Hungarian students and their families". He also described the announcement as a "dark day for Europe" and "a dark day for Hungary".

The university, funded by billionaire George-Soros, has waited more than a year to consolidate its presence in Hungary, but will stop admitting students for the following academic year and move to Vienna.

Critics say the move coincides with the anti-immigrant nationalist position of Viktor Orban, in contrast to the liberal Soros.

The changes to the law on higher education were at the center of the one-year debate on whether the university would remain in Budapest.

According to the law, a registered university abroad could only operate in Hungary, provided it offered courses on the host country. Critics argue that this change should have hit Central German MEP Manfred Weber, Chairman of the EPP Group, said he was "extremely disappointed".

He urged the European Court of Justice to "speed up" infringement procedures against the state. European University issuing US securities.

Mr Ignatieff said: "The CEU has been deported.

"This is unprecedented.An the US institution has been kicked out of a country that is a NATO ally.A European institution has been ousted from a member state of the EU."

A spokesperson for the US State Department said the country was disappointed that the University would not remain in Hungary.

US State Department spokesman Heather Nauert said, "The US government is disappointed that the Hungarian government and the CEU have not concluded an agreement that allows the university to continue accredited programs in the United States in Hungary".

He also said that, following the Higher Education Act in 2017, the United States tried to find a solution to keep the CEU in Hungary.

"Since the Hungarian government amended its law on higher education in April 2017, we have worked diligently with both sides to find a solution that would allow the CEU to preserve these programs in Hungary.

"The departure of these programs accredited by the United States from Hungary will be a loss for the CEU community, for the United States and for Hungary".


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