The EU rejected the key May offer for Brexit


11 November 2018 05:46 – REGNUM
Key proposal of the British prime minister Theresa May from Brexit rejected by the European Union. It is reported by the Sunday Times.

It could hope to unite the government and overcome the "final barrier" in the negotiations with Brussels. To this end, he proposed an "independent mechanism" that would solve the "personalized puzzle". Some have noted that this would provide an opportunity to avoid the rigid border with Northern Ireland.

The European Union has stated that compliance with decisions can only be monitored within the European Court of Justice. It has also been reported that four ministers – opponents of Brexit are ready to leave the May government.

As reported IA REGNUMpreviously, May noted that the agreement on Brexit was agreed at 95%, but some differences remain, for example, at the border between Northern Ireland and Ireland. British Foreign Secretary Jeremy hunting He called it possible to conclude an agreement on Brexit in the coming weeks, until the end of 2018.

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