The EU studies banning the sale of smartphones with chargers after the movements of Apple or Samsung

Following Apple’s criticized move, to launch their iPhone 12 devices without a charger for environmental reasons, but offering the possibility of buying it separately with packaging for sale, many manufacturers, including Samsung o Xiaomi, they made fun of the bitten apple company, but then they tried to erase his fingerprint as both companies followed the same steps, and now after seeing this new trend, to the detriment of consumers, the European Union is studying the prohibition that all smartphones that are sold do not do so with a charger at their side.

As expected, the reasons are environmental, since it is indicated that 13,300 tonnes of electronic waste are generated in Europe every year throughout Europe from phone chargers. As if it wasn’t enough the commission will also review wireless charging technology, since it is indicated that it is much less efficient than if a cable were used, so the energy consumption is higher, in addition to indicating that the durability of the batteries is also affected by the inductive load.

At the moment of truth, the user is the only one who loses, since although the excuse is environmental, it is useless to recycle the chargers in Europe when only India or China can generate hundreds of times that amount. A November report from Microsoft indicated that India generates 7,200 tons of e-waste per day, so Europe is a speck of dust next to it, and users they will continue to pay the same receiving less in returnNot to mention using older chargers, which do not charge the terminal in the same time promoted, or the purchase of inexpensive and dubious quality chargers that lead to additional problems, since these advanced chargers usually start at prices around to the 30-40 euros.

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