The European Environment Agency calls for more protection against the overexposure of Europeans to bisphenol A

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The exposure of the population to bisphenol A (chemical substance used to make plastics and resins) is “higher than levels considered safe,” according to a new report from the European Environment Agency.

This has been specified by the agency in a statement in which it also warns that the risk of said chemical component “It’s bigger than expected” and calls for “more measures” to “protect” the health of Europeans.

The initiative ‘Toxic-free home’ explains that the warning has been issued following recent reports from the European Food Safety Authority and the European Human Biomonitoring Initiative.

In relation to bisphenol A, the European Environment Agency emphasizes that “The results of these investigations must be taken seriously”which warn that “there is a current health problem due to dietary exposure to BPA, especially from canned foods,” which turns out to be the “most important source of exposure for all age groups.”

In light of these results, the executive director of the EEA, Leena Ylä-Mononendemands that “more measures be taken at EU level to limit exposure to chemical substances that pose a risk to the health of Europeans”, understanding that the current regulation has not served to prevent “the exposure of the population remains too high, higher than levels considered safe.

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