The European Union calls for opening humanitarian corridors in Gaza

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Los foreign ministers of the European Union have reaffirmed their condemn and his repudiation of the “barbaric and inhuman act” perpetrated over the weekend by Hamashave endorsed the right to defend oneself of Israel and have distanced themselves from the organization that they consider terrorist and that has power in the Gaza Strip. At the same time, they have also condemned “all attacks on civilians”, have asked for “respect for humanitarian law” and that there be no “blockade of water, food or electricity for the civilian population in Gaza“Likewise, the high representative for Foreign Policy, Josep Borrell, has called on Israel that allows “humanitarian corridors to facilitate the exit of those fleeing the bombs towards Egypt”, since “collective punishments are unjust and go against everyone’s interests”.

The high representative urgently summoned those responsible for Foreign Affairs yesterday to assess what happened, listen to the position of each of the 27 and “start thinking about the day after,” as he explained from Oman, where a meeting with several of the Gulf countries. Some of the European ministers were in person, but most have joined by video conference.

The Europeans have had to talk among themselves because neither the Israeli Eli Cohen nor the Palestinian Riad Malki have accepted the invitation to explain first-hand what is happening. And, according to the summary offered by the high representative, there are several broad or “overwhelming consensuses.” The first, the denunciation of the barbarism committed by Hamas murderers against unarmed civilians, families and children. The second, the right to defend itself against Israel. And the third, “with only two or three” discrepancies, said Borrellthat aid to Palestine should be maintained and not cut.

On Monday, the neighborhood commissioner, Viktor Orban’s man in Brusselsannounced the Immediate suspension of all development aid to Palestine while making an in-depth evaluation of every euro spent, to ensure that nothing ends up in the hands of terrorists. Hours later, and when half the planet had interpreted that humanitarian aid was also being cut off at a critical moment, the European Commission had to deny the commissioner, ensuring that the humanitarian items would not be touched, nor would there be a “suspension of payments” while it is audited. And this Tuesday they went even further, throwing the Hungarian Varhelyi to the horses by saying in public that what he said was his own initiative, without consulting anyone, least of all President Von der Leyen.

Borrell has insisted a lot on this issue from Oman. European diplomats for everything Near East They have warned Brussels that their position would be very compromised, and even their security, if such an abrupt cut were made and that it would make no sense to ensure that not one euro has gone to Hamas and then penalize two million civilians at once, They need that money to survive.

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