The excluded union reaches an agreement with employers and unions and joins the negotiation table for the textile agreement

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The Independent Trade Union Confederation (Fetish) will finally have a seat at the negotiating table for the textile agreement. As EL MUNDO reported, the union had denounced its exclusion before the National Court. The trial was scheduled for next week, but the parties have reached a prior agreement.

“Finally, and after a summer of uncertainties in the state association of large chains in the retail and footwear sector (ART), due to the fact that, after the expulsion from the negotiation table of its new collective, the Fetico Independent Trade Union Confederation presented before the National Court a demand for collective conflict for protection of freedom of association, the conflict has been resolved with an agreement to incorporate the union at the negotiating table,” they say from Fetico.

Antonio Perezgeneral secretary of Fetico, has highlighted that his model is “dialogue and with dialogue this conflict has been resolved”, emphasizing that there is no breakdown in the union relationship at the table: “For us nothing changes, we will continue to support the rest of the unions in building a great agreement between all of them,” he stated.

Thus, they joined the negotiation after the first meeting, which took place on September 27. It was a first contact to lay the foundations for the negotiation of the I State Collective Agreement of Large Textile and Footwear Trade Brands, Aimed at companies that have a total physical sales area of ​​more than 3,500 square meters nationwide, physical stores in at least three autonomous communities, or more than 400 employees. Thus, it would reach, at least, 66 large companies in the sector and 110,000 workers.

Until now, in addition to ARTE – which since its creation at the end of last year promoted by Inditex already represents 16 companies that own 40 fashion brands – the unions CCOOwith eight members, UGTwith five members, the Galician group CIG and the Basque organization SHE, with one member each. From this moment Fetico joins, with another member.

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