"The exemptions from the US oil sanctions against Iran are a deviation from its own goal"

The administration of US President Donald Trump has finally imposed sanctions on Iranian oil exports, but temporarily exempted to seven countries to comply with these restrictions. Analysts believe this will end guide Iranian crude sales.

"The decision of the United States [de otorgar exenciones] represents a deviation, for now, the stated goal of reducing Iran's oil exports to zero, "said Pat Thaker, regional director of the Economist Intelligence Unit for the Middle East and Reuters. Africa.

In particular, India, Italy, Greece, Japan, South Korea, Turkey and China (including Taiwan) were exempted from sanctions during the next six months in order to gradually reduce the import of Iranian crude, which, according to projections, could drop to 1.1 million barrels a day in November.

This is what has aroused curiosity Tokyo and Seoul, which had already brought their imports to zero, will be exempt, and now they could take them back: from the Japanese Ministry of Commerce they say that a recovery is expected, while South Korea could import about 130,000 barrels a day again.

"Consultations on shipments from Iran are […] coming from different Asian buyers", said a trader on condition of anonymity.

These exemptions have reduced fears of a shortage of oil supply between companies and governments. Washington claimed to have granted them "in response to specific circumstances and to ensure a well-stocked oil market", but experts point out this they are only temporary and do not mean imports unlimited of oil

"How much oil is granted by Iran to each of these [siete] countries? We can only guess things until we receive a tweet from someone in the government, "said Ed Morse, an economist at Citi, at Bloomberg TV.

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