The exhilarating moment dad pushes the goalkeeper's goalkeeper to make an incredible rescue ... only to lose him when he gives it again

This is the moment when a man pushes a child to save a shot during a soccer game for children.

The hilarious footage – which was seen almost four million times on Twitter only – shows children playing football in a park.


This is the fun moment when a man has pushed a child to save a shot during a child's soccer game

A team bursts in the field while people applaud.

And the poor little goalkeeper seems to be frozen in place when the opponents lead into the goal.

But out of nowhere a dad – the last "intrusive parent" – standing next to the stake decides to act.

Incredibly, he pushes the goalkeeper to the ground, his body inadvertently blocking the shot – just because the ball capsizes towards an opponent that marks the rebound.

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The goalkeeper saves the shot as he falls to the ground


Unfortunately the ball rebounds directly on the opponent's path

It is understood that the video was shot in mid-Wales between Bow Street Magpies FC and Ysgol Llanilar FC.

Bow Street president Magpies FC Wyn Lewis said it was an "amazing rescue".

He said: "It's a bit of a laugh and shows what you can do".

And he joked: "we will sign the goalkeeper – with the help of his father – for a senior team".

The viral video has attracted the attention of the whole world, with some funny comments.

One wrote: "Great savings, shame for the rebound".

Another said, "Attack a broomstick and make it a human Subbuteo warden!"

One wrote: "Number 8 did not have the right to try his luck from there!"

Another added: "He should have kept it though, Dad rages".

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