The expert commented on the approach of the asteroid to Earth.


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MOSCOW, 10 November – RIA news. The asteroid flying over the Earth is a fairly regular phenomenon, and the same images sometimes repeat what is familiar to the human eye, chairman of the National Committee of Russian Astronomers, Vice-President of the Astronomical Union International, scientific director of the Institute of Astronomy of the Russian Academy of Sciences Boris Shustov commented on RIA Novosti on Earth an asteroid similar to a skull.

The asteroid TB145, in the shape of a skull, will approach the Earth on November 11, approaching a distance of 38 million kilometers.

"This is a fairly regular event.With regard to the shape of the skull, I have not seen a similar asteroid, but in 2010 after the collision of two asteroids, I saw a nice picture – as if a bird was flying", Shustov commented on this information.



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