The expert explained: The liver does not suddenly become cirrhosis!

Prof. from Medipol Mega University Hospital Organ Transplant Department. Dr. Onur Yaprak pointed out that the food, drugs or toxins entering the body are metabolized by the liver and warned against liver diseases. prof. Dr. Leaf, “The liver has an important role in balancing blood sugar levels. It stores excess sugar and makes it available when needed. Proteins are produced in the liver. With the bile it secretes, it both contributes to the breakdown and absorption of fats and removes wastes such as toxins from the body. Iron and some vitamins are stored in the liver to be used when needed. We call cirrhosis when the liver hardens, shrinks, deforms, and has lumps in it. The liver does not suddenly become cirrhosis, it takes years for a healthy liver to turn into cirrhosis. used the phrases.

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Stating that in the stages before cirrhosis of the liver, hardening develops with fat or inflammation, Prof. Dr. Leaf, “The leading causes of fatty liver, inflammation and hardening are viral hepatitis such as hepatitis B and C, alcohol consumption, unhealthy diet, some genetic and metabolic diseases of childhood, liver diseases that develop due to improper functioning of the immune system, which we call autoimmune, and some diseases affecting the bile ducts. situations come first.” said.


prof. Dr. Leaf emphasized that liver diseases do not show any obvious symptoms in the early stages, but complaints occur when cirrhosis develops, and summarized the 10 symptoms as follows: “If you have cirrhosis, you may notice one or more of these symptoms. These are itching, jaundice that causes yellowing of the eyes and skin and darkening of the urine, edema in the feet and legs, fluid collection in the abdomen, varicose veins on the abdominal skin, bloody vomiting, redness of the palms. , womanare menstrual irregularities. In addition, bleeding tendency, frequent nose and gum bleeding, easy bruising on the skin, difficulty in stopping minor bleeding, forgetfulness, memory loss, confusion and drowsiness are other symptoms.

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