The expert in pandemics of the White House announced that in the US there will be measures of social distancing until the end of September

The doctor Deborah Birx, coordinator of the COVID-19 White House working group, pointed out this Sunday that social distancing measures will last throughout the summer in the US, the country most affected by the pandemic, despite the fact that some states have begun to revive its economy.

“We continue to follow this very closely, but that’s where the projections take us, it’s very much based on (what happens in) Detroit and Louisiana and other groups, and then you look at Seattle that has never reached its peak and never had a big outbreak and we try to understand what we can do as a public, social distancing will be with us throughout the summer to ensure that we protect ourselves ”Birx said on NBC television.

In this sense, he explained that to make their models, the White House working group has stopped using projections made with data at the global level to focus more on the information that comes to them from each outbreak separately in the United States.

In recent days, several states in the country, such as Georgia, have begun to ease social distancing measures and revive their economy, and more than a dozen are expected to resume activities over the next week.

In response to a question about whether he was not afraid of losing what he has gained in the last six weeks of confinement with the reopening of some states, Birx indicated that he has had “good conversations” with governors and assured that they understand the risks. “They speak of this not as a turning on of the light but as a gradual increase in the intensity of the light, very slowly, and that is why it is being phased,” stressed the doctor.

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Questioned by the controversy triggered by comments by President Donald Trump that COVID-19 could be treated by injecting disinfectant or sunlight, Birx noted that both she and other experts in the White House working group have made it very clear that ” that is not a treatment ”, although he avoided criticizing the president. “What was lost and I hope that the American public understands it is the reason for the study by the Department of Homeland Security,” said the doctor, who explained that this analysis is focused on finding out if there is something that decreases the strength of the virus.

“Personally I was reassured to see the impact of sunlight, but we should still practice social distance and wear face masks, although it is important to see that sunlight could kill the coronavirus,” he said.

The United States recorded 2,494 more coronavirus deaths in the past 24 hours, according to figures reported Saturday night by Johns Hopkins University. The country now has a total of 53,511 deaths, with 936,293 confirmed infections, according to the University of Baltimore count at 8:30 pm (0030 GMT Sunday).

The United States is the country most affected by the global pandemic, both in terms of confirmed infections and deaths. The 2,494 figure was a jump from Friday, when the United States recorded the fewest deaths from the virus – 1,258 – in nearly three weeks.

The red zone is still the state of New York, where the number of deaths per day by COVID-19 was 437, 15 more than this Friday, when the lowest number since the beginning of the month was registered. The total of deceased exceeds 17,000. “When you think you are going to have a good day, reality slaps you: 437 deaths yesterday is a slight rebound,” Governor Andrew Cuomo added at a press conference, although he asked to see the “positive side” despite the “horrible” of the news.

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