The experts called TOP-5 of the cheapest cars of 2019: Automedia: Vladtime


The list of five cars included vehicles exclusively with traditional power plants.

Experts have called the TOP-5 of the cheapest cars in 2019, which "eat" without more hybrids. The fifth place in the TOP-5 took a Toyota Yaris IA sedan. The cost of the car is 1.04 million rubles. The fuel consumption of this car is 7.35 liters of gasoline in the city, and on the highway the car needs 5.88 liters of fuel every hundred.

In fourth place on the list is the Toyota Camry business sedan, which costs 1.69 million rubles. The consumption of this car is 8.11 / 5.74 liters. However, this indicator is only relevant to the base 4-cylinder 2.5 engine. The remaining engines in the model consume much more fuel.

The third place in the TOP-5 brought the two-volume Honda Fit for 1.07 million rubles. The car is equipped with a 1.5-liter unit, which requires 7.13 / 5.88 liters. Hyunday Elantra Eco has a price in second place on the list, worth 1.3 million rubles. The consumption of this machine is 7.35 / 5.88 liters. The first place TOP-5 took Mitsubishi Mirage worth 975,000 rubles. This car has a fuel consumption of 6.72 / 5.6 liters.

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