The explosion in Gothenburg was no accident, someone planted an explosive

What caused the explosion is not yet clear, but according to the police it was not an accident, the Swedish media reported. Police spokesman Thomas Fuxborg for the Swedish station TV4 saidthat investigators are working with a version that someone has intentionally placed an explosive device in place.

According to current data, 16 injured people aged ten to 80 were transported to hospitals. According to Ingrid Fredriksson, a spokeswoman for Gothenburg University Hospital, the condition of four hospitalized, three women and one man, is serious.

“It was probably the loudest thing I’ve ever heard.” said for the daily Gothenburg Tidning, one of the occupants of the house, Lars Hulten, who was awakened by the sound of an explosion. “The whole apartment was vibrating. The bed vibrated, “he added.

According to the Gothenburg rescue service, the explosion hit several apartments and stairs. The ensuing fire spread to adjacent houses. Several hundred people were evacuated from them, some jumping in panic from the windows, the commander of the intervening rescue team Jon Pile told SVT television. The fire is still not extinguished and is burning on several floors.

The explosion in central Gothenburg occurred shortly before five o’clock in the morning. The cause is still not clear. But according to police, the gas did not explode. According to an unnamed police source, who quoted a local GP, an explosive device could have been placed in front of one of the entrances to the house. Pile’s rescue chief told AFP that the house was not connected to gas.

The blast occurred at a time when the Scandinavian nation is experiencing an increase in violence between organized criminal gangs. On Tuesday, the Swedish media immediately focused on the possibility that the explosion in Gothenburg could be related to the activities of fighting gangs. However, Prime Minister Stefan Lofven has repeatedly refused to speculate about the motive.

“We do not want to speculate on what it is. It is too early to draw. We do not know what the motive is. We don’t know anything. ” he said Lofven during a press conference.


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