The explosive prediction of Pity the numerologist about the separation of Wanda Nara

Written in SHOWS the 5/8/2022 · 08:25 hs

When the Wandagate exploded in all the media, Pity the numerologist was summoned to tell what the numbers said about the future of that couple and she was clear: there would be a distance. Known in the media for providing accurate data on the lives of celebrities, proved again that he was not wrong because Now it was Wanda herself who confirmed that she asked Icardi for a divorce.

Invited to LAM, Pity clarified that for her, there is nothing definitive in this decision, although some things could happen in the middle, before rebuilding the bond.

She is prettier than ever, she is a bomb and you can have a lot of suitors with the energy you are managing. She has a divine energy of 9 and when a woman has energy 9, lovers arrive”, Shooting.

“In any case, They are a family and they will not be separated so easily. I don’t believe in divorce They’re going to give it another chance and if they get divorced, they’ll do it later.”

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