The extended quarantine, the definition of Duhalde and the advice of Guaidó

Friday, September 18, 2020 9:16 AM

The news summary of Cada Mañana with the most outstanding information of the day in the local and international sphere.


The world dawns above thirty million infected, 950 thousand deaths and 22 million people recovered.

Juan Guaidó recommended Argentina and Mexico not to be neutral against Venezuela.

There was a complaint from Spain against China for wanting to steal information from a laboratory.

At least eleven Chinese attempts to hack foreign labs were confirmed.

The report on the complication in phase 3 of the Oxford vaccine came out. A man received the vaccine and it had consequences on the body. It is an inflammation of the medulla transversely. This person could not walk.


Argentina remains at number 10 in the world. There are 25 thousand cases of difference with Spain that occupies the ninth place.

Santa Fe had more cases than the City of Buenos Aires. Then there is Mendoza with 566 cases, the rest more or less normal.

Yesterday there was a meeting between Governor Axel Kicillof, Buenos Aires head of Government Horacio Rodríguez Larreta and President Alberto Fernández where the quarantine was extended until October 11.

In the City of Buenos Aires bars with patios will open, in the province of Buenos Aires the works will be enabled. But what about shopping malls? There are formats.

There is a big problem with IOMA. The justice system has ordered doctors to resume care in the province of Buenos Aires. Everything ends up being prosecuted in Argentina.

They raided Mauricio Macri’s house on suspicion of violation of the quarantine. After returning from his trip to Europe, he met with three mayors.

This does not not operate Alberto Fernández with Hugo Moyano. This is unacceptable for everyone, Justice and the police should be in other more important things.

Elisa Carrió denounced Alberto Fernández and Cristina Fernández de Kirchner for the removal of the judges that Mrs. Kirchner had obtained in the Senate.

Eduardo Duhalde spoke yesterday and said that “Alberto Fernández is grogi” like Fernando de la Rúa.

There are robberies of everything in the City of Buenos Aires. There was a robbery in the municipality of Pilar, a person was assaulted in front of the guards.


Argentina does not produce anything and only that remains to distribute, and little. Yesterday the head of the AFIP spoke. Mercedes Marco del Pont had to speak and said that they are not going to devalue. There are 15 different types of changes. The IMF has made a very good statement.

There are complications to buying a car.

Sturbacks and Burger King are looking for a buyer, and Metrogas can’t afford gas.

A note came out where people had savings in dollars. The Argentine economy is heading for a standstill. So we can’t even buy a car. The economy is not working. We are in a paralyzed country.

Marcelo Longobardi: “The President is going through a period of personal loss”

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