The FAAPA solidarity with the Beninese press agency threatened with disappearance

Dakar, Nov 26 (APS) – The Atlantic Federation of African Press Agencies (FAAPA), expressed Friday in Dakar, its support for the Benin Press Agency (ABP), “threatened with dissolution”, indicated its President,

Khalil Hachimi Idrissi.

“The file of the process of dissolution of the ABP, was studied by the committee to take a certain number of initiatives in order to try to plead in favor of the maintenance of this press agency,” he said. he said during the work of the 8th FAAPA Executive Committee held in Dakar.

’’This process of dissolution of the ABP, is bad news, ” added the president of FAAPA who said ” do not understand this gesture, especially at these times when African states need their press agencies and more than ever, a quality public service ”.

According to him, in a state like Benin, ” aware ” of the challenges of global and continental communication, and which creates specialized agencies or dedicated to specific missions, ” nothing will replace the public service of a hurry”.

” We will support the ABP so that it survives and continues to develop and be part of the network of African news agencies. We can never bring ourselves to the disappearance of a press agency, ” said Hachimi Idrissi.

He urged the FAAPA to “do everything” so that the Beninese press agency “survives like all the press agencies” members of its network.

Hachimi Idrissi, also director general of the Moroccan Press Agency (MAP) recalled that the ABP, is an agency of the “ public service, functioning according to the rules of the art, with a clear statute, precise missions and remains in the service of government, state and public opinion. ”

He deplored this “incomprehensible” situation, at a time when the FAAPA is pleased to see certain countries, such as Senegal, strengthen their press agency, by giving them means, new statutes.

“The Benin press agency dates from 1960. It is a considerable achievement of the accumulation of experience and it has a radiant presence in the sub-region,” he recalled.

The president of FAAPA said he intends to send a letter to the Head of State of Benin, “ to highlight the strengths of a press agency (in his country) and also to advocate for the restoration and modernization of the latter ”.

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