The Facebook video captures teenagers who spit on the worker


A group of teenage girls were caught in the camera in a vile fury in a McDonald's of Western Australia.

The video was shot at the Lakelands shopping center in Mandurah, now south of Perth, and showed a guard struggling to keep the girls under control.

The short clip was uploaded to Facebook at the beginning of this week and showed the group of three girls, who appear to be no older than 16, to launch abuse against the McDonald worker if called "c ** t ".

As previously reported by The Western Australian, teenage girls surround the security guard as he stretches out his arms to try to stop them.

"You want to go c ** t", one of the girls shouts at the worker, in the video caption: "Welcome to Lakeland Maccas, where the mice are out".

While the security guard tries to drag her away from the counter, she continues to swing her fists and tries to assemble the bench.

Her friend, standing nearby, manages to swing her fist and hit the worker.

The girls' fury went on for a few seconds before the worker spoke.

"Go ahead. Honest, go away," said the worker as he lowered his fists.

Instead of going out, the video showed the girl spitting on the face of the worker.

In a statement a The Western Australian, McDonald's said it had contacted the police about "absolutely unacceptable behavior".

"We will continue to take all necessary measures to ensure the safety of our crew," the spokesman said. "We have provided our CCTV to the police and encourage them to take appropriate measures against these customers."

The police confirmed that they were investigating the matter.

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