The fall of Boeing in China was intentional, black box records suggest

Records from the black box indicate that the crash was intentional. “The plane did what someone in the cockpit told him,” the letter quoted a source familiar with the U.S. authorities’ preliminary assessment. The Chinese Civil Aviation Authority did not comment on the information. It is not excluded that someone broke into the cockpit and took control of the aircraft.

The wreckage of a crashed Boeing 737

Foto: Tingshu Wang, Reuters

A six-year-old Boeing suddenly crashed from a height of about 8800 meters and crashed on a mountain slope. The air traffic control tried unsuccessfully to make contact with the crew due to the rapidly decreasing altitude of the aircraft. The plane crashed into the mountainous terrain at high speed, which initially made it difficult to find the black boxes. Authorities said in the second half of April that the facilities were severely damaged, which slowed down the analysis of records.

China Eastern Airlines said the investigation did not provide evidence that could confirm or disprove the aircraft. The company reiterated its earlier statement that all crew members were fully qualified and in good condition. The airlines suspended the operation of their Boeing 737-800 for about a month and re-authorized their take-off in mid-April.

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