The false death of the Asturian winner of the Eurodreams: "I am alive"

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The resident of the Asturian municipality of Villaviciosa who was awarded on November 6th with a second prize in the Eurodreams raffle and whom several media outlets are considering dead, has clarified to Europa Press that it is all a lie and that the publications that are causing a strong stir and harm to him and his environment.

“I’m alive,” insisted the man, who prefers to remain anonymous, just as he did a few days ago, when he won the award. He validated his ticket at receiving office number 35,355 in Lastres (Colunga) and won a unit prize of 120,000 euros. It is 2,000 euros per month for five years.

On Saturday night he went on a trip with his daughter through northern Spain. He returned to Asturias and first thing in the morning his wife called him. “Are you okay?” She asked him, worried, after receiving the information about his death. His brother also called him very worried when she read the news. “I didn’t understand what was happening,” explained the Asturian winner of Eurodreams.

Little by little and, given the seriousness of what a death implies, the initial discretion was broken and many people talked about his death. Because of his work he is quite well known in different parts of Asturias.

His phone started ringing non-stop. “I was there since midday answering those who called me to tell them that everything was fine, it was crazy,” has indicated. He also received a high number of messages.

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